Review of Capitalism Studies



RECAST– Review of Capitalism Studies – is a peer-reviewed and student-run journal which encourages the participation of young scholars in the current debates in Political Economy. RECAST seeks to promote pluralism and intersectionality, providing an open access to scholarly articles that critically study the past, present and future of capitalism as a socio-political and economic system [in constant evolution]. The objective of this general review is to enlarge economic studies on capitalism by including approaches from social, political and ecological studies. We publish biannually and we also provide a blog with collaborations from young and senior scholars which will be updated weekly to engage in the current debates in Political Economy.


The main objective of RECAST is to include students and young scholars in the debates on capitalism. To fully understand this system, the young generation of researchers needs to study it in depth by combining different approaches. Economic litteracy is one of the keys to change the economic and political system in a sustainable way. On top of this wide approach of the subject, this is a unique opportunity to bring future researchers and policy makers together, to share knowledge, help each other and have a place to engage in current debates on capitalism. To achieve this goal, RECAST can be divided in two categories :

The biannual publication contains six to eight articles that study capitalism through various approaches. To do so, ReCaSt wants to bring together young scholars from different perspectives in the field of economics or other social sciences. Each article is reviewed by one student and one professor, and therefore stimulates the critical reflexion of young scholars, as well as their experience with Research.
The blog constitutes a more informal platform, where people can share resources regarding the Academia, Economic studies, or discussions from other fields. The idea of this page is to allow people to engage together while rising the knowledges and critical views of participants.


 The blog’s main objective is to include students and young scholars in the current debate on capitalism. Unlike the journal, the blog aims to create a less formal space, where people from any level can share articles that they have written, summaries of content that they found interesting, videos, advices for the academic world or even resources to support local organizations. By posting content and commenting on other people’s resources, the blog allows the building of a young and critical community made of individuals who support each other.

The idea of the blog is to be a free space that promotes the intellectual participation of interested people. Therefore, it does not want to set format requirement, but we are still looking for good quality content.


Here you can find our past and upcomings publications.